Job Announcement Rates (invoiced quarterly or yearly)*


Website only

Newsletter only


1/4 page

$10/qtr or $40/yr

$10/qtr or $40/yr

$15/qtr or $60/yr

1/2 page

$20/qtr or $80/yr

$20/qtr or $80/yr

$35/qtr or $140/yr

full page

$30/qtr or $120/yr

$30/qtr or $120/yr

$55/qtr or $220/yr

Website ads are posted as Word or PDF documents. Take advantage of the full page ad by including a company logo and job description! Use our convenient annual invoicing to advertise your online career center for a whole year!

Newsletter ads must be in Word.

* Job postings are free for RMRCSQA members.

To Place an Ad:

  1. Complete the Invoice Request Form and save it to your computer.
  2. Attach the Invoice Request Form and your ad in an e-mail message addressed as follows:
    Website — Laura Greiner,
    Newsletter, The Journal — Catherine Bens,
    Both — Laura Greiner and Catherine Bens

For questions regarding an invoice which you already have received, please contact SQA at


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