History of the Rocky Mountain Regional Chapter Society of Quality Assurance (RMRCSQA)

In January of 1990, a small group from Fort Collins, CO, met to discuss the possibility of forming a regional chapter of the Society of Quality Assurance. The attendees represented quality assurance, veterinary pathology, histopathology, veterinary research, and private consulting personnel. The previous year, the Society of Quality Assurance had amended their by-laws to provide for the formation of regional chapters. The Rocky Mountain Regional Chapter was approved as the first regional chapter.

The initial meeting was held in Fort Collins on August 10, 1990. Mr. Bill King presented a seminar on Good Laboratory Practices, and officers were elected. The 25 attendees represented Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Montana. The first officers were: Carol Byczek (President), Alan Kreikemeier (President Elect), Janet Maass (Vice President), and Barbara Kitchen (Secretary-Treasurer).

The objectives of our regional chapter are to serve as a focal point for quality assurance interests in the region; to encourage interaction among quality assurance professionals in government, industry and academia; and to sponsor educational programs in quality assurance.

The first board meeting was held on September 17, 1990, with seven members in attendance. Our membership has grown over the years to a high point of over 100 members to today's average of 50 members.


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