RMRCSQA Committees

RMRCSQA is seeking members who would like to become more involved. If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact the chair of that committee.

Education Committee

Identifies the professional development needs of the membership and coordinates training and professional enhancements through workshops and webinars. The Committee will develop educational programs, webinars, and arrange for speakers and meeting locations.

Contact — Jenny Kenton, jayhawkgirl97@yahoo.com

Membership Committee

Recruits new members and Corporate sponsors for the Chapter and develops ways to retain membership.

Contact — Stu Mertz, stu@peakqc.com

Mentoring Committee

Answers submitted questions and match members to a mentor within the Chapter for the purpose of learning, resolving a problem, or professional growth.

Contact — Paul Bork, pebork@hemogenix.com

Newsletter Committee

Publishes the RMRCSQA newsletter, The Journal. Articles and submissions are needed for each issue.

Contact — Jillian Delehoy, jillian.delehoy@preclinicalresearch.com

Scholarship Committee

Three scholarships are offered to the membership at various times of the year. Committee members will review all submitted applications and recommend recipients for approval by the Executive Committee.

Contacts — Laura Greiner, laura.b.greiner@aphis.usda.gov and Milton Marshall, m_marshall@msn.com

Web Page Committee

Committee maintains and revises the Chapter website (www.rmrcsqa.org).

Contact — Ann Donoghue, ardonoghue@gmail.com

Historical Committee

Contact — Laura Greiner, laura.b.greiner@aphis.usda.gov

Audit Committee


Poster Committee

Creates the Chapter poster to be displayed at the Society of Quality Assurance Annual meeting, and assembles the information for handouts.



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