The Rocky Mountain Regional Chapter Society of Quality Assurance (RMRCSQA) was formed in 1990 to serve the needs of Quality Assurance professionals in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.


  • 2018 Memberships
    Join our Chapter for only $25 per year! Please visit the membership page for a summary of member benefits and the membership application.
  • Volunteers needed... A lot goes on behind the scenes that could use your help. Chapter tasks include: By-Law review & changes, financial audit of our books, mailings, surveys, participation on our committees, support for training sessions (copying, evaluation forms, certificates, attendees list, etc.), or support for the newsletter (authors, research on regulatory news, compiling training or classified sections, etc.). Please contact any member of the Board or Committee Chairs to participate.

Member Listserv-forum with Document Library

With the RMRCSQA Members Listserv-forum and Document Library, Chapter members are able to:

  • E-mail the entire chapter using a single e-mail address;
  • Include file attachments in listserv messages;
  • Opt to receive a daily digest of messages instead of receiving each message as it is sent;
  • Reply to a message directly via e-mail without going online;
  • Browse, search and/or reply to messages in the online forum where listserv messages automatically are captured — searches can be applied across any/all SQA forums of which you are a member;
  • View an online list of current Chapter members (always up to date, including all dues-paid Chapter members);
  • Send messages to individual Chapter members via the online interface;
  • View Chapter documents online — in addition, Chapter leaders will be able to upload and edit online documents;
  • Access all SQA listserv-forums of which you are a member using the same logon that you use to pay Chapter dues online.

If you are a RMRCSQA member and do not know the listserv e-mail address, please contact

To browse or search all messages, view the member list or view documents, go to and log on using the same username and password that you use to pay dues online (through your SQA website account).

** If you are a paid member of RMRCSQA, you should already have a username and password with SQA, even if you only belong to the Chatper. If you think you may have an SQA logon, but do not know your username or password, please do not create a new account, as multiple accounts cause problems with password reminders and other features. Instead, use the link on the login page to request that your logon be sent to you via email. **

If you are certain that you have never logged on to the SQA website (to register for meetings or trainings, apply for/renew membership in SQA or a Chapter, etc.) please create a new account.

If you need assistance, please contact


To advance quality principles and practices through meetings, workshops, newsletters and the chapter website. To provide a forum for members to interact with other professionals having the same common interests and to promote information exchange between the multiple facets of the regulated community.


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